Valentine Snack's


Seafood Appetizer's (6pcs)


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Shrimp gyoza, deviled cod cake, chipotle tartar sauce    

Meat Appetizer's (6pcs)


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Wagyu dumpling, chimichurri, peking duck spring roll, apricot ginger sauce    

Mixed Vegetarian (6pcs)


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Crispy cauliflower, bhaji baba ghanoush, chickpea falafel, ginger tahini    

Valentine Salad's


Kale Caesar Salad


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Pumpernickel croutons, toasted sunflower seed, Reggiano Parmigiana, roasted garlic dressing, tomato confit

Serves 2 Guests  

Cream of Cauliflower Puree


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Brown butter hazelnut garnish

Serves 2 Guests  

Tuna Sashimi


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Asian slaw, scented soy, wonton chips

Serves 2 Guests    

Valentine Entree's


Surf & Turf


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Dinner for 2 includes 24 oz Prime rib roast with peppercorn sauce (GF/NF) 1.5 to 2 lb. Poached whole lobster with vermouth butter (GF/NF) Asiago rice (GF/NF) Lemon garlic broccolini (GF/NF/DF) Tangy beet root with cumin vinaigrette (GF/NF/DF)

Artisan Chicken 2 Ways


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Dinner for 2 includes: Pan seared chicken supreme with natural jus (GF/NF) Sage and prosciutto stuffed chicken involtini (GF/NF) Sous vide root vegetable with lemon and ginger (GF/NF/DF) Green lentil ragout (NF) Fried parmesan brussels sprout (GF/NF)  

Asian Glazed Black Cod


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Dinner for 2 includes: 8oz Asian Glazed black cod with Coconut Lemon grass Broth (NF/DF) Asian Green Vegetables (GF/NF/DF) Kimchi black rice (NF/DF) Miso Sweet potato (GF/NF/DF)  

Charred Cauliflower Steak with Spiced Tomato Sauce


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Dinner for 2 includes: Charred Cauliflower steak with spiced tomato sauce (GF/ND/DF) Sweet and sour rice with carrot and raisin (GF/ND/DF) Smashed baby potato with candy rosemary and sea salt (GF/NF) Citrus kale and coconut (GF/ND/DF)  

Valentine Dessert's


Chocolate torta, rum banana, creme fraiche


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Serves 2      

Coconut panna cotta, passion fruit compote, oatmeal crumble


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Serves 2      

Chocolate dipped strawberries 4 pieces


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Serves 2      

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