• PEI Patio Party Half Box #2 Turf Box (Feeds 4-6ppl)
  • PEI Patio Party Half Box #2 Turf Box (Feeds 4-6ppl)

    Experience Prince Edward Island Certified Beef’s distinctive taste and tenderness with McEwan’s Turf Box. Raised on some of the highest quality grass, fodder and potato in the world, the exquisite flavour and texture of PEI’s beef is unparalleled. This box is perfect for summer grilling season


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  • 2 x 10oz PEI Grass Fed Striploins, truffle compound butter
  • 1 x 14oz Ribeye steaks, herb & mustard BBQ sauce (ingredients for the BBQ sauce provided with recipe)
  • 2 Stuffed PEI potatoes, bacon, butter and chives (ingredients provided with recipe)
  • PEI Potato salad with celery and horseradish vinaigrette
  • Trimmed ready-to-grill asparagus with chili parmesan sauce
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